Discord Server Rules

  1. Along with the rules below you must also follow the rules set on our official website www.koefdam.com
  2. Avoid posting messages outside of designated channels. Read the channel, pins & description before posting to avoid being warned or muted. Always respect others in the server. Unless otherwise specified, all content must be English only!
  3. No content such as spam, invite links, trading, selling, begging, surveys, petitions, self promotion, advertising, & referral links.
  4. Do not bypass the filter, disrupt voice/text channels, impersonate users, abuse spoiler tags, discuss cheats, post cheat websites/exploits, name & shame & discuss lawsuits/legal action.
  5. Do not post content or express your viewpoints for content that is: political, abusive, threatening, defamatory, racial, sexual, religious, edgy, baiting, relates to suicide or is otherwise objectionable.
  6. Do not advertise other servers or worlds not related to Koefdam.
  7. Your username, about me, status, & avatar must be appropriate and follow these guidelines. No: blank names, offensive content, advertising, disruptive text, offensive political figures/dictators.
  8. Admins & Moderators keep this place happy & helpful for everyone. If you don’t agree with how something is handled submit a ticket in 🎫丨support . Don’t disrupt the chat by complaining in public channels. Please also refrain from line-walking.
  9. Do not abuse user mentions/pings. Do not tag staff. Only tag Admins & Moderators when a situation demands urgency in action (i.e. bot raid, adult content, etc.)
  10. Do not harass users who express enjoyment for the game. You’re free to express your opinion (positive or negative) in a constructive manner, however disrupting the chat and abusing users who have their personal views won’t be tolerated. Constructive criticism & feedback is always encouraged, but me kind and respectful!