Laws of the Kingdom of Koefdam

Laws Of The Kingdom Of The Netherlands Of The Koefdam City Roleplay

All citizens must obey all of the following laws presented by King Joep Van Oranje and actual laws from the Kingdom of the Netherlands if not states below. Citizens who fail to follow these laws will be facing a punishment depending on the severity.

1-Citizens must not harm any other players unless the citizen is in danger from the citizen. Exceptions are law enforcement officers when they presented their badge.

2-The use of profanity is illegal and will be punished if another citizen pressed charges against the offender.

3-Under article 3 the following items are illegal. Adopted in September 2014 by Dutch Parliament. The items are:

  • Any Diamond Tools or Armour

  • Iron Swords

  • Enchanted Apples

  • Splash Potions

  • Explosives

  • Enchanted Bows

4-Citizens may not sell pufferfish without an authorised message provided by the government.

5-Citizens may also not own more that 5 pufferfish unless they have received authorisation from the government to obtain more pufferfish.

6-All emergency vehicles have priority on the streets unless there is clear evidence that the emergency vehicles are not in any urgent calls.

7-All citizens must have a driver’s license before being allowed to enter the streets with a vehicle.

8-All citizens must have their vehicles ‘road ready’. Thus meaning they must have a license plate provided by the government.

9-It is illegal to ignite fireworks in the nation on public areas.

10-Citizens have the right to ignite fireworks on private property. However, no more than one firework may be ignited every five seconds. Exceptions are during special occasions authorised by the government

11-Citizens may never demolish any building without the owner’s authority.

12-If a purchase has been made without an official contract. The purchase is not official.

13-Police Officers or any other forms of law enforcement may not enter a building unless they have received permission from either the King, the Minister of Justice, the Secretary of Justice or the Local Police Chief.

14-Law enforcement agents may enter a building if there is a life-threatening situation and none of the mentioned officials mentioned in article 13 are online. Therefore article 14 does hereby overrule article 13.

15 Citizens who have been proven to be unsuitable for the Koefdam City Roleplay will be deported to child friendly districts. These districts are:

  • De Oranje Vrijstaat (Orange Freestate)

  • Riviera

  • Hayday Ville

Article 15 A- Article 15s will also be seen as an inferior kind and will live under an Apartheid regime, separating citizens with the squeakers. Squeakers will also not be allowed in the following provinces unless their employer or a government official authorised them to enter:

  • Holland

  • Atlantis

  • Joep Landia

Squeakers may also only enter these places at day time unless they have received permission from the government.

Article 15 B- Squeakers will also be limited in the employment sector. Squeakers may not become pilots, high rank government workers, tax agents, and any other difficult jobs squeakers can not handle.

16-It is illegal for moderators to obtain items from creative unless granted permission from only the King himself.

17-Citizens may never impersonate any other players, failure will face a punishment.

18-It is prohibited to sell arms without a legal permit.

19- All citizens must pay 20% of their income to the Dutch Taxation Services. Failure will be punishable and the F.I.O.D ( Fiscale Inlichtingen en Opsporings Dienst) has the right to confiscate your belongs if the citizens has failed to pay in less than 30 days.

Article 19 B- Citizens do have the right to be notified 30 days before the F.I.O.D can confiscate their belongings. Failure to notify the citizen can result in an illegal repossession as the citizen did not have time to make any agreements with the other party.

20-Citizens who witnessed a crime but did not notify the police or any other law enforcement agencies will be arrested for aiding the criminals.

21-All citizens have to right to defend themselves when arrested by court hearing. The suspect will also have the right to a lawyer, a phone call, medication that is only prescripted by a doctor and nutrients.

22-If a citizen misbehaves in a court room he will be fined 500 Koefna. And he will be removed from the room.

23-Citizens have the freedom of speech, however, their opinions may not harm any citizens directly nor indirectly.

24-All citizens must be up to date with their taxes if they want to apply to build a building in the nation.

25-Citizens must also be up to date with their taxes when asking for any other help such as  advanced medical healthcare. Police services will always be available such as the fire department and basic healthcare.

26-All citizens must behave with a certain amount of maturity, patience and kindness to other players. Failure will be a breach in the Roleplay.

27-Citizens have the right to defend themselves using the same amount of force as their attacker.

28-No person may ever enter our nation without going through a border checkpoint or any other immigration service.

29-All citizens must always be able to represent any form of identification. This can be a passport or a driver’s license.

30-No player may ever attempt to breach into the server’s database when not given permission.

31-It is illegal to vote under a different name during any referendum or election.

32-All building must be accepted by the government. Unofficial or unrecognised buildings will be destroyed by the government It is also illegal to demoliosh any building inside the Kingdom of the Netherlands without the government’s permission.

33-All buildings must be built by an official building company.

34-It is illegal to obtain items from another person without their permission.

35-Law enforcement agencies have the right to detain a player 48 hours if they have been suspected without evidence. After 48 hours the citizen must be released and charges must be dropped from the case if the police has no evidence.

36-There may only be one court case for a crime committed. However, both parties may ask for one appeal at their own expense.

37-Citizens have the right to practise their beliefs or religion in the nation as long as it does not harm

38-Citizens may not eat pufferfish in public.

39-Every player must listen, respect and obey instructions of law enforcement. If the orders are absurd however, you may report this to their superior/ supervisor.

40-Police officers and other authoritative members may never abuse their powers.

41-Under the safety legislation of the Koefdam City Road Department, citizens may not eat pufferfish while driving.

42-All citizens must have their driving license inside their inventory while driving a vehicle.

43-Citizens may never enter private property unless they have received permission from the rightful owner.

44-Under article 44 the following buildings are public buildings and do not require permission to enter. However, they can be banished from a specific building by the staff if the citizen is obstructing the peace:

  • Libraries

  • Offices from government agencies

  • Town halls or City Halls

  • Community Homes

  • Police Stations

  • Hospitals

  • Embassies

  • Train, subway and bus stations.

45-It is also illegal to use public transportation when the citizen is not up to date with his taxes. In violation, a fine of 500 Koefna can be given in severe cases.

46-It is illegal to pay money to voters in order for them to vote. This will be seen as bribery and treason.

47-Once trained and combat ready, soldiers may not leave the army during a war/ operation. A breach in article 47 would result in treason which could lead to severe prison sentences.

48-Every citizen has the right for a passport.

49-Every company/organisation must have a book of complaints to offer for unsatisfied customers.

50-Every insurance company must have enough money to cover every single item/person they insure at once.

51-Every bank must also have one office or ATM where citizens can withdraw their money in a radius of less than 200 blocks from their customers’ addresses.

52-Article 52- The Printing of Money and Owning Fake Money

It is under this article that it is illegal to create any money that looks similar to the Dutch Currency, ‘The Koefna’. It is seen as an attempt to print false money when there are less than four character changes compared to the real money.

Article 52 B- IT is illegal to be in the possession of any fake money. If the person is in the possession of more than 500 fake Koefna they will be arrested.

Article 52 C- As mentioned in article 52 B, it is legal to be in the possession of no more than 500 fake Koefna. However, making a transaction with this money is illegal.

53-It is illegal to park your vehicle outside any designated parking spots. Violation can result in a five of minimum 50 Koefna and maximum 500 Koefna.

54-No citizen may work for a full day in on the server unless s/he is upgrading their membership or has accepted to do the work for extra money.

55-It is illegal to carry any weapons on the street. An exception is when buying the weapon.

56-Citizens have to right to detain criminals. However, they must wait for police to bring the suspect to prison.

57-It is illegal to force citizens to take any substances. Exceptions are hospitals and law enforcement agencies.

58-Citizens may not harass players in any manner.

59-The owner of any animal must be responsible and held guilty for any acts their animals have done.

60-It is illegal to own any animals can are a threat to society and other people around you.

61-Citizens may never demonstrate in an area without permission from the government.

62-Law Enforcement agencies have the right to use heavy force when they feel endangered.

63-Citizens may never light fires in public areas.

64-In order for an arrest, the local police force and any other police organisation must provide enough evidence in  court. Examples of valuable evidence are non-biased eye witness accounts, Images, audio or video recordings.

65-Article 65, The Pointing System.

Article 65 A- All citizens in the Kingdom of Koefdam must obey to the pointing system. The rules are the following:

  • When a crime committed, every day sentenced is a point on their account. When committed a minor fine a point is optional.

  • When a player has 10 points on his profile he may not work for any government organisation.

  • When a player has 15 points he may no longer use public transportation.

  • When a player has 25 points he is deported from the capital city.

  • When a player has 30 points his taxes double.

  • When a player reaches 40 points, the player must be deported to any other nation. If no other nation accepts him he will have to live in prison.

  • When a player reached 50 points, the Koefdam government will petition a ban request towards the United Nations of Koefdam.

66- Under article 66 it is illegal to carry any weapons in arms free zones. These are embassies, government buildings, and other international or national buildings created by the government or allied nation.

67-It is illegal to carry arms on you into the headquarters of the United Nations of Koefdam.

68-Joepbic has full control of the server. He therefore has no limitations on what he can do and he is therefore diplomatically immune. Once his identity has been revealed no player may harm, detain or arrest the player.

69-Joepbic has to right to assault players. This includes sexual assault. (What do you expect, It’s article 69!!!!!)

70-It is illegal to bribe any government worker or organisation working for the government. Favouritism is also illegal when assigning people to roles. 

71- Any weapons with more than 5 attack damage is illegal.

72- It is illegal to kill any animals without any permission.

73- The Koefdam Government is the rightful owner of all items under 3 blocks of the original ground height unless the land has been purchased. 

74-All laws mentioned above are the laws of the Koefdam City Roleplay In the Kingdom of Koefdam. These laws must be obeyed and organisations created and funded by the government have to right to use every possible form of power to control and enforce the laws on Koefdam Soil.