Koefdam World Roleplay

Koefdam Roleplay/Economic Server

To many players simply known as the Koefdam City Roleplay, and the main game in the realm. Koefdam RP/Economic Server allows for players to create in game characters and immerse themselves into a virtual modern day society, with high amounts of details, government systems and even global matters. 

Players can select their type of player. And choose their job with their player. Varying from simple peasant players who are farmers, to diplomats who are minister or even the leader of their own plot of land within the world. 

Every area of land is governed by you the players, and players can revolt and choose new leaders or create new nations. The options in this world are limitless. 

Choose Player

Select your player when joining the roleplay

Player Types


The Creator characters, knowns for their peaceful characters are builders, miners, farmers and factory workers. Often have an income class 1, 2 and 3 and primarily focus on the primary and secondary sector of the economy. 

They are essential players in ensuring infrastructure, food and goods for the citizens of their nation. 

Primarily useful for players with irregular playing times who want a simple life in Koefdam. 


Theses players are known for their skills in maintining justice and order. Jobs include soldiers, police officers, fire and rescue and health workers. These players often fall in income categories 3,4 and 5 and are essential for any nation to keep law and order.

These players will be often active during busy days such a weekends and are essential for protecting your nation from foreign invasion, terrorism or disasters. 


These players have no main goal in the roleplay, and can set their own targets in order to gain wealth and have a purpose in the roleplay. These players will often be very active, and will focus on starting businesses selling goods and services to governments and players in order to gain a profit.

Although often the most rewarding with high self generated incomes. Theses players will be most active and always finding new ways to make a profitable business. 


Theses players are known for their skills in leadership and diplomacy. These players will take roles such as ministers, government workers and some even nation leaders. They will be in charge of running their nation and fall in income category 6. These players will be most active and handle many essential administrative tasks in their nations.