Our Maps

Discover our maps to learn more about the Koefdam Roleplay- its kingdoms and geography

World Map Satelite Image

View the Koefdam Universe via it’s satelite mapping created by the Koefdam Space Agency.

Koefdam Political Map

The world map currently under the national borders of each nation. 

Urban Map of Cities

Struggling to get from A to B? Maybe this roadmap can help you travel using the main highways


Red = Capital City

Yellow = Other Major City

Koefdam Airport Map

-Koefdam International Airport (Kingdom of Koefdam)

-Joeplandia Regional Airport (Kingdom of Koefdam)

-Pretoria Regional Airport (Kingdom of Koefdam)

-Ithaesia International Airport (Greece)

-Oslo International Airport (Kingdom of Scandinavia)

Koefdam City Metro/ Trains

A metro map of the City Of Koefdam and beyond helping you travel through the world.


You can collect a minecart at any metro station.

Koefdam Highway Map

Click on the map to enlarge to see the highway numbers

Red- Highway

Green- Main Roads

Want to add your map?

Send your map to maps@koefdam.com and receive a 100,000 Koefna reward if we use your map!