Nation Leader Guide

Nation Leader Guide Within The Realm Of Koefdam

Welcome to this quick guide on becoming a nation leader and the duties that lie within being a nation leader. 



Why Become A Nation Leader

Koefdam has many opportunities for builders who want their own piece of land. The realm of Koefdam offers stability with it’s server operating since 2013. Therefore you can be certain that when you build a nation n Koefdam, it will remain here for a very long time, and most importantly visible to a large audience of spectators and visitors who can always join 24/7. 

How To Become A Nation Leader

All players who wish to become a nation leader must first obtain the builder role within the Discord community. In order to obtain the creator/builder role you can apply via our website.

Once you have applied, and your application was approved. You can choose an available slot shown in the map above or on the Discord channel, and message the owner Joepbic on Discord stating the plot number number, the reason and what you are aiming to build. 

Choosing Your Nation Type

After you have been approved you get to choose what kind of nation you wish to run. A Roleplay Nation of a Building Nation. 


Roleplay Nations

Roleplay nations emphasise roleplaying. There is a limit of builders per country. For every 10 citizens, only one within your nation can have the builder role. For every 20 players, only one can have operator role. All nations start with at least 3 builders (Nation Leader Included).

Roleplay Nations also get to take part in wars, and get a seat in as a member state at the UNK (United Nations of Koefdam). 

Building Nations

Building nations are for the people who want to build in peace. They have no limits on the number of builders. Neither can these nations be attacked or attack/support or take part in wars in any way. These nations have the observer role in the UNK. 


It is important to make your choice wisely, as there is a cooldown of 3 months after you make your choice. 

Assinging Roles, Memberships & Responsibilities

As nation leaders, it is your responsibility to assign your citizens with roles. 

Assinging Discord Roles

Once you are approved you will have the role @nation leader. This role gives you permission to add the citizen the role of your nation. Keep in mind this is essential. As that role if official proof who are your citizens.

Assinging Minecraft Memberships

Unfortunately Minecraft Realms is limited. Only the host can change your membership. Therefore you as the nation leader must DM Joepbic on discord saying “Hey, this citizen with Microsoft Account *** is now a citizen, please give him membership”Or something along those lines.


All your citizens are your responsibilties, if your citizen commits a crime punishable by the server laws. You as the nation will also be held accountable for failing to educate and enforce the server rules towards your players.

Nation Categories

To help you build you nation, you are appointed monetary assistance from the game which you can use to pay builders. There are currently 5 types of income categories. To upgrade your category you must be audited by the host. 

Category A

For the large nations
1 capital city
3 secondary cities
5 towns
2 Airports

Category B

For the bigger nations

3 Villages
2 International Connections
1 Town
1 City

Category C

For the medium nations
2 Villages
2 International Connections
1 Town

Category D

For the small nations Required:
1 Village
1 International Connection

Category E

For the "nations"

Defintions, Village, Town & City