Operator Handbook



The Operator Role.

How To Obtain The Operator Role.

Limitations Players With Operator Role.

Roles Operators Must Follow.

The Operator Role

On Koefdam, certain players can obtain the operator role. The operator role is seen as the most exclusive role a player can get, as it is a role only given to the most trusted and useful players in society. Operator roles are not often simply granted, they are earned after showing significant contribution to the server in the past, present or future.

How To Obtain The Operator Role

The operator role can be obtained by heading to the FAQ on our official website Koefdam.com or https://koefdam.com/guide-faq . Under the section Apply for Operator/Creative players can submit a form. It takes upto 14 days to review an application.

Limitations Players With Operator Role

As mentioned previously and to ensure enough RP, only 5% of the total active player base is granted operator. Therefore the application process is very strict and much stricter than Creative, which allows 10% of players to obtain creative. If you get denied applying for operator, you can try applying for creative instead using the same form.

Roles Operators Must Follow

Operators may never break any rules. Breaking a rule will result in a strike. After 3 strikes they immediately lose their operator role, and crimes marked red will result in a ban.

  1. Operators may not change the server settings.
  2. Operators may not change the game mode of players to creative without checking if they have the designated role.
  3. Operators may not hand over items out of creative to players. (Exception for block store staff).
  4. Operators may not teleport players without permission. Players should use airports and fast travel instead. 
  5. Operators may not sell any items or earn any money from items they took from creative or commands.
  6. Operators may never use command blocks, unless authorised by the UNK.
  7. Operators may never change existing command blocks without approval by the UNK. .
  8. Operators may never use their powers during war. They must set themselves on survival.
  9. Operators may never abuse their powers towards other players.
  10. Operators may never ban players. This has to be requested towards the host. Operators may kick players out of the game if the player violates any of the server laws. 
  11. Operators may never use structure blocks without deleting the block after the structure have been made.
  12. Operators may never use barrier blocks, border blocks or any other blocks which normal. players can not see, use, remove or change.
  13. Operator may never create any structures creating immense lag.