The Constitution of the United Nations of Koefdam

1- All articles within the constitution of the United Nations of Koefdam, also known at the UNK can only be changed through the authorisation of the owner. 

2- Every person has the right to free speech within Koefdam with the exception of discrimination. 

2.1 Any form of expression through which speakers intend to vilify, humiliate, or incite hatred against a group or a class of persons on the basis of race, religion, skin color sexual identity, gender identity, ethnicity, disability, or national origin will be considered discrimination. In the event of doubt it is for the operator responding to decide if a message or context regards to discrimination.

3- All regulations within the UNK must be followed by all nation officials and their subjects such as citizens, prisoners and any player within the world. 

4- For any nation to change, remove or add a regulation within the UNK. It must first be a suggestion with 30% approval. After obtaining approval it must be voted by the member states within 48 hours. 

5- The owner is permitted to kick or ban any player if the owner deems these actions are necessary for the protection and improvement of Koefdam. 

6- Nations must always have the ability to be either a member or an observer state. With observer states having immunity regarding wars. However observer states are not permitted to send any resources, weaponry or soldiers for war or military purposes. 
7- Nations are obliged to perform duties such as actively recruiting players, building or hosting events to keep Koefdam an interesting and fun server. 

8- It is imperative that all communications occur in the correct channels, and that the responsible staff members must excist to enforce discord regulations regarding safe and appropriate communication

9- All transactions must be done via Koefna, the universal currency within Koefdam. This includes purchasing materials for war if not sourced from survival. 

10- All regulations must be followed within the world and Discord of Koefdam. violation can result in a ban in the most severe cases. 

The Rules of the United Nations of Koefdam

  1. The following laws are created universally on  the server which every player must obey it is also the country’s duty to enforce these laws.

  In the event of a violation of a war regulation. The player committing the violation is automatically disqualified if the event had little to no impact in the war. In the event that the violation had a grave impact the team will automatically lose the battle.

In the event of a disagreeance with an operator or any other member of staff. Players can send an official complaint via email in which you are entitled to a response no later than 30 days. 

NOTE = rules highlighed in bold are rules which fall out of RP and will result in a ban if violated.


1.    Every Person has the right to free speech with the exception of discrimination.


2.     No citizen shall discriminate or offend any player on any topic which can be generally considered disturbing.

2.1 Any form of expression through which speakers intend to vilify, humiliate, or incite hatred against a group or a class of persons on the basis of race, religion, skin color sexual identity, gender identity, ethnicity, disability, or national origin will be considered discrimination. In the event of doubt it is for the operator responding to decide if a message or context regards to discrimination.


3.    Every member state has the right to declare war on another member state with the only requirement existing that the nations must be in direct contact on the border.

3.1 Member states can also declare war if an allied nation directly borders the opposing nation, or if the attacking nation has received
permission from any other nations included in order to move the troops from the nation of origin towards the opposing defending nation.

3.2 An attacking nation may not move their troops through or above neutral land or land from observer states.


4.    In order to win the war, the nation must take all of the land or continue until the other nation surrenders. 


5.    In order to win a battle. The leader of the enemy team must die 3 times. Whilst soldiers have infinite lives. Soldiers who leave the battlefield or spawn outside the battlefield are immediately disqualified from that particular battle. (So place your bed wiseley) The defending side also has 3 lives for their leader and soldiers have infinite lives.

 5.1 A battle is fought on an area roughly sized 1 map on scale 3/4 (1024X1024 blocks). With a 20% margin of error. If the nation is smaller than 1024X1024 the battle will occur in the entire nation.

5.2 Battles are to be organized by a UNK peacekeeper with unanimous approval of all member states involved in the war. In the event that no agreement can be made within 7 days after the war was declared. The battle will occur on the oncoming Friday at 9pm (21:00) Central European Time.

5.3 In the event that an army or opposing group is not online. The offline army has 10 minutes to enter the game. If after 10 minutes

there are no players to represent an army. The battle is automatically won by the opposing side. (So get soldiers and people as 2nd in command if you cannot attend)

5.4 It is imperative that the attacking army must actively push their army to attack the defending nation. The attacking nation’s army must be outside from their country of origin within 5 minutes. The attacking army must therefore also place their beds in the new area they are attacking. If a soldier respawn or are still  in the original nation after 5 minutes those soldiers are disqualified as stated in article 5. 


6.    To declare war. A nation must declare it publicly in the official Discord Channel “War announcements”


7.    It is required for a UNK peacekeeper to be present during a battle who is permitted to use operator powers in order to view the


8.     If the attacking nation loses the war, the attacking nation may not attack any nation for 7 days, and not the previous nation for 30 days.


9.    During battle it is illegal to use the following items:


·      Any enchanted items such as blocks, armour, tools and
other enchanted items.

·      Any armour with the exception of leather. (The leader may wear only a diamond chestplate and leather armour)

·      Ender Pearls.

·      Totums of undying.

·      Command blocks (with the exception of teleportation
command blocks found in airports)

·      Commands

·      Any use of creative

·      Shields

·      Tipped arrows

·      Moderator/operator powers

·      Netherite tools, weaponry or armour

·      Tridents

·      Any melee weapon with more than 6 attack damage

·      Any diamond tools

·      Elytras (With the exception of 2 players being able to
use elytras per team as areal support). These players cannot transfer eleytras. Even after death. (So choose your players wisely)

·      Mobs

·      Poisonous Arrows

·      Lava

·      Chorus Fruits

·      Obsidian

·      Bedrock

·      Strength Potions


10.  It is illegal to hack, spam or sabotage the internet connection of any players in the
Realm at any time.


11.  Nations are required to respect Koefdam heritage sites and not alter, modify or destroy these sites without explicit permission from the host.

11.1 A Koefdam heritage site is clearly marked with a light blue flag and a white dot. Marked with several signs. In the event of doubt the host can verify the authenticity of the heritage site.


12.  All players are to pay an 8% tax in order to prevent inflation within the Koefna currency.


13.  The use of creative when entering another is not permitted without written permission from the host nation. 


14.  Players must always be able to leave a room, including a prison room on survival without the need of teleportation or creative.

15. All players must have a citizenship when having joined the official discord longer than 14 days. Dual citizenship is not permitted. It is the responsibility of the host nation to update the roles of a citizen in order to prevent a citizen having more than one citizenship at once. 

16. Citizens of observer states may not part take in any war or battle. 


17.  Every nation has the right to enforce their own laws as long as they do not breach international laws.


18.  During war times it is illegal to harm, capture or kill civilians.


19.  After a war, captured soldiers must be let free as soon as possible as they followed orders from their superiors. The command of any crime committed must be held responsible and cannot blame their soldiers for following orders.


20.  The excessive use of explosives is banned during wartimes. Explosives should only be used for military or infrastructural targets.


     21.  It is forbidden to use any chemical weapons during the war or any other indiscriminatory weapons unless these are explosives or fires.

          22.  It is forbidden to torture any soldiers or civilians during a war or during peacetime.


          23.  It is forbidden to abuse, harm, torture or kill villagers, peaceful or friendly mobs.


         24.  Netherite armour, weaponry and tools are prohibited, with the exception of netherite blocks.


Regulations Regarding Players using Operator Commands

  1. Only 5% of active players may use Operator, and only 10% of players will have creative. These players will need to apply here

  2. Operators may only use their powers to assist the server.

  3. An operator may not take and store any items from Creative unless they are verified staff from block stores.

  4. Operators may never change the server settings.

  5. Operators may not use their powers to capture or arrest other players.

  6. Operators failing to follow orders from superiors will instantly lose their operator permission.