Rules of the United Nations of Koefdam

The following laws are created universally on  the server which every player must obey it is also the country’s duty to enforce these laws.

NOTE = rules highlighed in bold are rulles which fall out of RP and will result in a ban if violated. 

  1. Every Person has the right to free speech.

  2. No citizen shall discriminate or offend any player on any topic which can be generally considered disturbing.

  3. Every nation has the right to enforce their desired laws as long as these laws do not generally directly offend any players, neither do they go against international laws.

  4. Every Nation has the right to declare war on another nation inside the server except for the Kingdom of Koefdam, which does not take part in the wars. 

  5. In order to successfully conquer an area of land, the attacking force must take home the flag of the attacking nation and plant it in their nation The defending side, however, must hold off the attacking forces and kill all soldiers attempting to attack the nation. Soldiers and the leaders only have one life in a battle. The defending nation can also take land of the attacking nation by taking their flag and returning it to base. Every battles is fought over land the size of 1 map scales 3/4. Unless the nations is smaller than that size, then the nation is split into 2 areas following 2 seperate battles. 

  6. To declare war. A nation must declare it publically in the Discord channel nations accouncements

  7. If the attacking forces lose the war, they may not attack any nation for 7 days and not the previous nation for 30 days.

  8. During war times it is illegal to use enchanted items, diamond and netherite tools and armour, iron armour, ender pearls, lag commands, mobs and any enchanted weapons, armour or other enchanted items. Only one leader per nation may wear only diamond armour.

  9. During war times it is illegal to harm, capture or kill civilians.

  10. After a war, captured soldiers must be let free as they followed orders from their superiors. The commander of any crime committed must be held responsible and can not blame his soldiers for following his orders.

  11. During a war, there must be at least one war supervisor to validate that both parties did not cheat during battle.

  12. It is illegal exessively use explosives or fire when attacking a nation. 

  13. It is illegal to hack, spam, or sabotage the internet connection of an enemy during and outside wartimes. 

  14. Lava is forbidden during war.

  15. Enchanted weapons are illegal. This includes blocks.

  16. It is forbidden to create a room where players cannot enter or leave through survival mode. 

  17. It is forbidden to use any chemical weapons during the war or any other indiscriminatory weapons unless these are explosives or fires. 

  18. It is forbidden to torture any soldiers during a war.

  19. The host and owner of the server, and server staff who must perform duties in order to maintain the world are diplomatically immune in any nation.

  20. During war times, no player in the nation may have moderator powers. This includes government officials, administrators and leaders of nations.

  21. Every citizen has the right to travel freely unless they have an active warrant or an invalid passport. 

  22. Shields are illegal to use during war.

  23. When a nation leader sends a declation of war, the defending nation must respond to this declaration within 48 hours. Failure will result in an automatic win for the attackin nation.

  24. When a nation leader sends a declaration of war, both nation with a UNK supervisor must decide a time to battle, if no time can be arranged within 2 days, neither can the UNK supervisor approve a time then the war will happen on the first Saturday at 9pm Central European Time.


Regulations Regarding Players using Operator Commands

  1. Only 5% of active players may use Operator, and only 10% of players will have creative. These players will need to apply at

  2. Operators may only use their powers to assist the server.

  3. An operator may not take and store any items from Creative unless they are verified staff from block stores.

  4. Operators may never change the server settings.

  5. Operators may not use their powers to capture or arrest other players.

  6. Operators failing to follow orders from superiors will instantly lose their operator permission.